Moduuli Black Geometric Wall Installation for Rolls-Royce Black Badge

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Moduuli Black - Bespoke Geometric Wall Panels

We are proud to announce that we were selected to create the bespoke 3-dimensional Moduuli Black Geometric Panels for the Rolls Royce Black Badge campaign.

The panels were made out of large individual tiles that were then assembled to form a rigid wall installation. This project is a great example of how the bespoke geometric wall art can be used in professional film and photography.

Our modern geometric wall panels provided the unique scenery for the stunning photos and videos created by Jora Frantzis.


Rolls Royce Black Badge

In March 2016 Rolls-Royce Motor Cars presented Black Badge; a permanent Bespoke family of motor cars that respond to the taste patterns of the marque’s most daring and disruptive clients. Since its introduction, Black Badge has become the most commanding presence on the super-luxury landscape and has done much to attract a new generation of Rolls-Royce customers to the marque. The time is now right to delve further into its extraordinary allure.

In this spirit, the marque called upon a collective of globally recognised creatives to express the soul of Black Badge. At the centre of the work is bionic performance artist and art director Viktoria Modesta, celebrated for her innovative and futuristic approach and famed for her fearless performances at the Paralympic Games Closing Ceremony, Art Basel, and Fashion Weeks worldwide.

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Photos and videos by: Jora Frantzis